Happy 2019! Our 16th Year!

2019 is going to be a great year! We are excited to start our 16th year of Law Enforcement training.

When Tim Lewis began this adventure, he created a new style of training, pulling from his years of athletics and law enforcement experience. This includes hands-on training in the field.

It’s been very successful and we are grateful to God and all the agencies who have made it possible to bring what we love doing best to your departments.

Our Law Enforcement Training Goal:

We teach officers, investigators, specialized units, and task force members creative techniques to increase their safety and success while conducting criminal investigations.

This year we are reviving one of our past classes by demand, “Undercover Storefront Operations & Major Vehicle Theft Investigations with Informant Management.”

We hope to see many of you this year. Some of our classes are already filled and closed or are almost there. Be sure to register your team or yourself for upcoming classes to make 2019 your best year to date in your law enforcement career.

Course Titles Available in 2019

  1. Rolling Surveillance
  2. Advanced Rolling Surveillance II
  3. Chop Shop Investigations & Criminal Sophistication
  4. Undercover Storefront Operations & Major Vehicle Theft Investigations with Informant Management
  5. Undercover Field Operations