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Rolling Surveillance training in action.
“Sonny” shopping to steal a car for a crime boss during a Rolling Surveillance training course.
Photo courtesy of an LE attendee.

“Providing the Very Best in
Law Enforcement Training,”
now in our 20th year!

Our Rolling Surveillance™ training, Undercover Field Operations, Chop Shop Investigations, and Storefront Operations & Major Auto Theft Investigations courses are structured for officers, detectives, investigators as well as task force teams. We start in the classroom and follow up with real-life scenarios in the field. See our law enforcement training schedule for classes.

We originated this style of physical surveillance training. Rolling Surveillance is copyrighted and we are the sole source of this training.

Classes are instructed by a Qualified Expert in the subject matter presented and then taken into the field for hands-on training in an uncontrolled environment. We are hosted and contracted by law enforcement agencies around the country.

Be sure to check out our testimonials from past attendees.

The lead instructor was a police investigator on task forces working on high-profile cases. He has extensive experience and a true understanding of what is necessary to present in the classroom to be used in the field. His knowledge, wisdom, enthusiasm, and energy are apparent as he teaches both in the classroom and hands-on in the field.

Many of our trademark classes were originally created out of necessity and demand when there was nothing like them available. They are now recognized and replicated by other academies, agencies, and private businesses, but without the permission, energy, and full comprehension of the original developer, Tim Lewis. Attempting to clone the original is never quite as good. Thus, the reason agencies continue to return to LCI Services for their training.

We created and use an effective approach to teaching beginning and advanced physical (mobile and foot) surveillance training, responding to counter-surveillance, undercover police operations, auto theft chop shop investigations, and other topics. We provide course materials, hands-on time in the field, a certificate of training, special amenities, and meals. LCI Services offers the original, unique physical surveillance instruction you’ve been seeking.

Our topics include, but are not limited to the following: Sophisticated Criminal Individuals and/or various groups of Organized Crime involved in Vehicle Theft, Chop Shop activities, Insurance Fraud, Identity Theft, Internet Fraud, Money Laundering, Drugs and Narcotics, and other related crimes.

Our Investigative Topics Include:

  • Investigative Approach and Procedures
  • Rolling Surveillance ™ (Physical, foot, and mobile surveillance)
  • Advanced Physical Surveillance (Rolling Surveillance II)
  • Identifying and Responding to Counter-Surveillance
  • Undercover Field Operations ™
  • Chop Shop Investigations and Criminal Sophistication with VIN Switching and ID ©
  • Storefront Operations & Major Vehicle Theft Investigations with Informant Management
  • Informant Handling
  • Search Warrants
  • Interview and Interrogations
  • Terrorist – Advanced Covert Follows
  • Latent Printing
  • Evidence Processing
  • Case Preparation for Filing and Prosecution


LCI Surveillance Training, Undercover Operative Training, and Chop Shop Investigations

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