The Buzz From The Fuzz - Testimonials About Rolling Surveillance ™

Rolling Surveillance ™,  Rolling Surveillance II ™, Chop Shop Investigations, and Undercover Field Operations Testimonials:

Rolling Surveillance training is a one-week course covering LCI (mobile and foot) surveillance techniques, identifying counter-surveillance, and responding to C.S. as a team WITH field exercises.
Rolling Surveillance II training is an advanced version of the first week (mobile and foot), with more in-depth foot surveillance on public transportation and in airports, etc.

We thank you for the AMAZING feedback.


“The training presentation was excellent. The class portion was thorough and the scenarios were well-prepared. The instructor was great and shared a lot of knowledge and experience. Overall great class.”
~ Cpl. O. Munoz, Buena Park P.D.

“Overall great course, very informative and creative. The strong points were expanding our traditional train of thought and thinking outside of the box.”
~ Det. M. Dibble, Albany, NY P.D.

“The instructors were very knowledgeable. I had a lot of takes aways from this training that we will implement in our operations. Thank you for your time and for sharing your experience.”
~ Det. M. Commisso, Albany, NY P.D.

“The field exercise was very good and provided the relevant experience to actually apply what was taught in class. Overall, enjoyed the class and the expertise that was passed on to us during class.”
~ Det. S. Watkins, Seal Beach P.D.

“Instructor experience is unbelievable. A wealth of knowledge and experience. Great class overall!”
~ Det. A. Gonzalez, Huntington Beach P.D.

This is one of the most realistic and real-time trainings I have attended. I had a great time and learned a lot. Thank you very much for your efforts.
~ Sgt. D. Menghrajani, San Luis Obispo County Sheriff

“Thank you for your time, dedication, and instruction.”
~ Det. M. Campi, Santa Ana PD

“Great job! It was good to see a 10600 still humping it!”
~ C. Villars, CHP, Coastal Division

“Instructor experience was a high point…great class overall. Strong points: In field exercises, role players, and locations.”
~ Sgt. I. Doughty, San Luis Obispo County Sheriff

“Learned a ton. Very knowledgeable instructor.”
~ Det. C. Guiton, San Luis Obispo County Sheriff

“Best reality-based training I have attended. The coordination of the scenarios has been the best I’ve seen. The effort put forth by all of the instructors and role players made everyone in the class was to do our best possible. Thanks for this valuable training.”
~ Det. D. Lujan, Albuquerque PD

“The class was very good. Heard about it from prior students and they loved it. Definitely met & exceeded expectations. Thank you for your time.”
~ F. Hernandez, Las Cruces P.D.

“The scenarios in RS1 and RS2 solidified the concepts from the classroom content. Very beneficial. Challenged and stretched me. Tim’s experience is clearly significant and impressive. Thank you for your commitment to your craft & our betterment.”
~ Sgt. K. Woods, FBI Task Force, Bernalillo County S.O.

“Thank you for keeping an obvious passion and portraying it. I will say you have reignited my passion…”
~ A. Tuton, Las Cruces P.D.

“I found the class to be great. I understand why we wait for rolling, staying back. It all came together. Also blending in with the environment around us. It was great!”
~ L. Sanchez, New Mexico SP

“Real hands-on scenarios and experience from instructors were very helpful and challenging. Techniques in this RSII class were top of the line.”
~Det. V. Harrison, FBI Task Force, Bernalillo County S.O.

“Overall this class was amazing. Keep up the great work. And thank you for what you do!”
~ Det. S. Hazelton, Albuquerque PD

“Great instruction and materials. Cannot wait to apply what I learned…Thank you for the class, it was great!”
~ J.Jojola, Los Lunas PD

“Good class. I learned a lot of new techniques and knowledge. I also learned a lot of new ideas. The hands-on practicals is the strength of this training.”
~ Det. S Long, Anna PD

“Getting out of the classroom and doing it hands-on was excellent. Thank you!”
~ Det. S. Beck, Canon City PD

“Great class! Instructors were very passionate about they taught and made sure everyone understood.”
~ L. Young, North Las Vegas PD

“I enjoyed the classroom (practical portion). This is the best class I’ve ever taken.”
~ Anonymous, Las Vegas

“This training was realistic and will help me in the future.”
~ Det. T. Hicks, Pearland PD

“Very informative! I was so tired but kept going because it was so fun! Thank you!”
~ Dep. A. Reyna, Harris County Constables, Pct 1

“This class provided very good techniques and training that will be directly applicable to my day-to-day work. I enjoyed the amount of field exercises to practice the techniques. Feedback and debriefs were very helpful to learn from mistakes and make adjustments.”
~ Det. B. McCarthy, Wheat Ridge PD

“Great course that will greatly help my surveillance abilities. Very good tactics with clear instructions. Real-world scenarios and drawn diagrams to explain the takeaways.”
~ Det. L. Dawson, Westminster PD

“This was by far the best training course I have attended. The hands-on training was the most beneficial. Very realistic scenarios with instructors who know their stuff.”
~ J. Parker, Aurora PD

“This was a great class. Everyone needs to attend.”
~ A. Pike, Golden PD

“Great course with hands-on training scenarios, that all came together by the end.”
~ Inv. M. Eldridge, Colorado State Patrol

“RS I and RS II are the BEST TRAINING CLASSES I have ever attended!!!”
~ Det. J. Maes, Castle Rock P.D.

“RS II: Tim has a wide variety of real-life examples of cases he has worked and trends that he has observed. The class is well-planned and thorough. The work put into the scenarios made training very realistic and was spot on with real work. I have attended multiple trainings with LCI & would recommend again & again.”
~ Inv. A. Bungartz, Aurora P.D.

“RS II: The details for each scenario are amazing. The real-time scenarios were the most beneficial and were well structured. Thank you.”
~ K. Dossett, Arapahoe County S.O.

“RS II: Tim, thank you for everything, and all the knowledge you passed along…I think you put on one of the best trainings in law enforcement. The scenarios are extremely elaborate and are great for gaining experience. This course will help me be more successful within the fugitive task force and my career.”
~ J. Bybee, Jefferson County S.O.

“RS II, was a great follow on to RS I. The implementation of public transport, such as trains, public transit, and aviation, as the surveillance packages change. It gave me ideas as to how to prep and ops plan for contingencies like the ones your class exposed us to. Thank you. ”
~ Inv. M. Gonzalez, Jefferson County S.O.

“Overall the class was well done and gave me a better understanding or how task forces I support as a tactical asset, should be operating. It also provided standards to hold my tactical team to when we are working our own smaller operations.”
~ J Keuhlen, Arapahoe County S.O.

“Great class, awesome stories, and instructors. Very relatable to real-world situations. Extremely fun, and learned a lot of valuable information.”
~ J. Winters, Aurora P.D.

“Amazing class. Definitely lived up to my expectations from other L.E. who have attended.  I feel these courses (RS I & II) have been some of the best training I’ve attended in L.E. Thank you for the time and effort into providing this course.”
~ K. Coburn, Jefferson County S.O.

“Taught a lot of advanced counter-surveillance techniques that we don’t get a lot of exposure to. The scenarios are top-notch.”
~ N. Whittenberg, Aurora P.D.

“This was a very well thought out and executed course. I appreciated getting to work with other agencies to complete the objectives in the scenarios. This built a great foundation.”
~ Det. T. Grahn, Arvada P.D.

“The realism followed by accurate and immediate feedback. This class was very well-structured and fun. It was the most realistic training I have participated in. I very much enjoyed the class and would recommend it highly to anyone doing UC work.”
~ A. Holton, Westminster P.D.

“The class was very informative, fun, and I learned a lot. Your personality (Tim) helped keep me engaged and paying attention. The scenarios were very realistic.”
~ Det. D. Ames, Arvada P.D.

“Immense amount of knowledge from the instructor, real-world experience. This was a great course and was a ton of fun! I’d have liked it to be another week just because I enjoyed working together and practicing actual surveillance.”
~ W. Hall, Aurora P.D.

“As a 1st time attendee of this course, I found it to be very informative. The situations and scenarios utilized to explain the design and process behind successful surveillance drove valid points. Stay the course and continue to teach, coach, and mentor new officers in the profession. This skill set is imperative and will save officers’ lives. Thank you.”
~ Inv. M. Gonzalez, Jefferson County S.O.

“The instructor was very knowledgeable and truly passionate about his work/craft which translates into training.”
~ J. Ramirez Padilla, Monterey County S.O.

“Strong Points of the Training: The examples & way it was explained & shown to us. I liked how you went over everything to get it in our heads. Thank you so much for your skills & training. It was very helpful & I appreciate the care & dedication you put into training us and our safety.”
~ Det. J. Amos, Bakersfield P.D.

“Great class. Great instructor with a lot of experience. A lot of good practice out in the field.”
~ A. Alvarez, Watsonville P.D.

“I appreciate the time you take to teach safe techniques.”
~ Det. B. Veillette, CHP

“One of the best, most applicable courses I have taken. Thoroughly enjoyed the real world scenario portion.”
~ Det. I. Jones, Bakersfield P.D.

“Strong Points of the Training: UC techniques & practical application. Field work was fantastic.”
~ Inv. R. Larson, CHP

“This class was very informative and I cannot wait to implement and apply in my agency. Thank you very much for your dedication and passion.”
~ Dep. I. Recinos, Orange County S.D.

“In depth with information, expectations, training, and exercises. Instructors were very informative with teaching what they have learned in real life experience.”
~ M. Mastroianni, Pentagon Force Protection Agency

“Great course, very realistic. Wish our whole team could take this course.”
~ Det. C. Duran, El Monte P.D.

“Techniques were very useful & will benefit in many ways. Thank you for helping me to be able to work safer & smarter.”
~ Prob. Ofcr. II J. Puga, San Bernardino Probation

“Thank you for your dedication to our profession! The instructor’s knowledge was great. The course wouldn’t be the same without ‘Sonny!'”
~ E. Von Rivenburgh, Thornton P.D.

“Outstanding training, field work, and preparation by the instructors.”
~ M. Williams, Castle Rock P.D.

“This was an amazing class and I will be trying to get more people from our agency to go to it.”
~ M. Doyle, Douglas County S.O.

“Outstanding class! Enjoyed every bit of it and I know for sure I will use these skills. I’m looking forward to future classes.”
~ E. Rodriguez, Jefferson County S.O.

“Great information and practical experience. I learn by doing and we did a lot. I appreciate the training aspect as opposed to a seminar. The instructor was very knowledgeable and I learned a lot. This is truly an art.”
~ D. Moffitt, Castle Rock P.D.

“Excellent class, the instructor’s knowledge of surveillance techniques is extremely impressive. The perfect combo of class and hands-on scenarios. Highly recommended.”
~ LT. J. Webb, East Baton Rouge S.O.

“Really enjoyed the course, the scenarios, and seeing how the techniques flowed and worked. It was very informative and will be utilized by our division.”
~ CPT. T. Jenkins, East Baton Rouge S.O.

“Great course and real life experience by Instructors, and was able to transfer that into training in the field.”
~ Det. J. McKnight, Livingston Parish S.O.

“Thank you for the reality based training, the scenarios were applicable and realistic. Also, thank you for being professional…thank you for staying on course.”
~ J. Carreon, Bernalillo County S.O.

“Thank you for this awesome training. Best training in my law enforcement career.”
~ A. Della Longa, Albuquerque P.D.

“Great class. One of the best I have been thru in 12 years as an officer. I look forward to taking more of your classes in the future. Additionally hearing your stories and examples has boosted my confidence in…conducting surveillance. Thanks for an awesome class.”
~ J. McDowell, Rio Rancho P.D.

“Great class. Very life like!”
~ M. Rivera, Harris County, TX Constables, Pct. 1

“Strong points: Hands-on training and debriefs in knowing what we did wrong or needed to improve.”
~ A. Delgado, Bellaire, TX P.D.

“Great class. We will be sending more through as soon as we can.”
~ SGT. P. Cruz, Orange County Sheriff’s Department

“Really enjoyed the class. Best one I’ve had in a long time.”
~ S. Soto, Orange County Sheriff’s Department

“This was an excellent class. One of the best hands on experiences I have had in training. We will recommend this course to others in our unit.”
~ Det. Z Price, Butte County Sheriff’s Office

“Field work was fantastic. Time spent on the road was priceless. In 12 years of Police Work this has been by far my favorite course. I have taken it two times now and have learned so much each time. I’ll tell all my friends in Law Enforcement to get them into this course. It is fantastic. ”
~ D. Carlile, SNOCAT, Marysville PD

“New techniques, especially in reference to highway stuff.  Great class, if not one of the funniest classes I’ve attended. Great instruction, very beneficial for new and senior investigators alike.”
~ S. Kite, North Las Vegas PD

“Field exercises were great. Dry erase diagrams were very helpful. I was very happy with this course. ”
~C. Birman, SNOCAT, Washington State Patrol

“This (Rolling Surveillance II) was by far the most fun and helpful course I have ever attended. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and I hope to attend another one of your courses in the future!”
~ A. Larson, Littleton PD

“You rock, Tim! You seriously care about cops!”
~ R. Redmond, Littleton PD

“This course (Rolling Surveillance II) along with RS I are hands down the best training I have experienced in L.E. Thank you for the time and effort you put into this course.”
~ Det. N. Stamos, Castle Rock PD/Douglas County IMPACT

“Thank you so much, this is the best law enforcement training I have been to. I could tell there was a lot of effort put into the preparation and it was appreciated!!!”
~ Agt. J. Frink, Lakewood PD

“The amount of scenario prep is fantastic and makes the scenarios very realistic and challenging. This is very applicable to my current assignment tracking fugitives and working on MVT cases, as well as in addition to working with other agencies who utilize Rolling Surveillance.”
~ C. Grega, Castle Rock PD

“Excellent class. Definitely a wealth of info & skills. Very useful for detective work. I feel this training is a must for agencies.”
~ Det. S. Mullen, Pueblo County SO

“Thanks for the course, great training to incorporate into my daily job functions.”
~ S. Garcia, CalPERS

“I’m very happy I took this class. I learned a lot of what to do and what not to do! This class was challenging. I liked how well the class came together at the end of the week. Thank you!”
~ Sgt. J. Romo, Pueblo County SO

“I thought this was a great class. Thank you for putting in the time and effort to make things so realistic.”
~ Name Not Provided, San Bernardino, CA Probation

“Overall great course! A great experience that you brought to the table. Took a lot away from the training. Thank you!”
~ Inv. P. Sharma, CalPERS

“Learned some new ideas to enhance our team. Will try to “think outside of the box” in the future to help blend into an area.”
~ Inv. B. Barba, CalPERS

“We learned about counter-surveillance. How to fit in while doing surveillance…how not to look like a cop!”
~ Ofcr. R. Boyd, Buena Park Police Department

“Best class of instruction in 25 years! Hands on! Thank you!”
~ Det. E Guevara, Albuquerque, NM Police Department

“Awesome instructor and role players. Could not ask for anything more.”
~ Det. C. Franco, Albuquerque, NM Police Department

“I’ve taken three of your classes in the past years. Your techniques, I now use them at work every day with great success. Thank you.”
~ Name Not Provided, Albuquerque, NM

“Hands-on training made this the best course I have attended to date.”
~ Agt. C. Hayden, Farmington, NM Police Department

“Excellent course. Hands-on learning, stepped learning curve. Crawl, walk, run. I learned a lot and will apply it on the next work day for sure. Thank you!!”
~ Agt. S. Parker, San Mateo, CA County Sheriff’s Office

“I’ve heard from a lot of LE in our area how important this training is. They have followed several suspects that have countered as Tim (Instructor) said they would. Very good training. Subject well covered. I will definitely be using these tactics.”
~ Det. E. Sturges, Josephine County, OR Sheriff’s Office.

“This is the best practical training I have been through.”
~ Ofcr. A. Huerta, Visalia, CA Police Department

“Great instructors with great experience. Realistic Training!”
~ Agt. J. Santana, New Mexico State Police

“The practical exercises w/ the building up each day was perfect.”
~ Inv. J. Scott, CHP – Coastal Division (California Highway Patrol)

“In the field exercises were unlike any training I’ve taken, very good. Field work was fantastic. The best way to learn is to get out and execute. The critiques were good. Feedback was consistent, good and bad.”
~ Ofcr. M. McNairy, Castle Rock, CO Police Department

“In depth practical experience gained from training exercises cannot be replicated by just classroom work and was excellent for learning.”
~ Det. K. Keyser, Eugene, OR Police Department

“It felt very real & very intense! Most realistic course I’ve been to!”
~ Ofcr. J. Dinges, Castle Rock, CO Police Department

“Very good and INTENSE training.”
~ Det. J Guzman, Albuquerque, New Mexico Police Department

“Great course, I look forward to taking the other courses! Thank you  for your time and effort.”
~ Ofcr. A. Larson, Littleton, CO  Police Department

“Fantastic class – I’ll be putting in for another LCI Class in the future.”
~ Det. D. Degannaro, Castle Rock, CO Police Department

“The scenarios were extremely beneficial, because they were made to feel as real-life as possible. It was nice to have UC work incorporated in the class.”
~ Dep. A. Holley, Arapahoe County, CO Sheriff’s Office

“Excellent class. The level of instructors were top notch and the role playing was excellent. The techniques were great and I will use them in my day to day duties. Thank you.”
~ Agt. S. Todd, New Mexico State Police

“Have been to numerous trainings since I have been in Law Enforcement. This training has been the best I have seen and exceeded my expectations. Instructors are top notch and speak from real life experience which is easily relatable in the field.”
~ Agt. T. DeTavis, New Mexico State Police

“This class was extremely helpful! One of the best classes I’ve ever attended.
Amazing instruction, learned a lot from this course.  Thank you for everything you have given us. Your passion for this class has been very helpful in learning the material. Thank you!”
~ Agt. J. Armijo, New Mexico State Police

“This course is a must if you work low visibility and covert operations. Tim and his cadre will take you past your comfort level, but will address areas of failure and quickly remedy skills and techniques.”
~ Ofcr. W. Nickerson, Albuquerque, NM Police Department

“This has been the best course I have taken pertaining to my job. Thank you.”
~ Agt. A. Luna, New Mexico State Police

“This class (RS I & II) was my intro to surveillance. I feel a million times more confident and capable of the work I do on a daily basis. Thank you so much.”
~ Det. T. Sullivan, Albuquerque, NM Police Department

“This course has been the best training experience I have attended in both Sports/LE arena. I look forward to attending future trainings hosted by LCI.”
~ Det. N. Stamos, Castle Rock, CO Police Department

“This class should be mandatory for any individual who will be working at a task force, a detective, narc, etc…
This class and the skills learned in it are so vital. Today we tend to rely on electronic surveillance, but we fail to have a contingency plan for the times technology fails. This is 101 skills and needs to be taught lest the skills become lost.”
~ Det. B. Vandermeer, Commerce City, CO Police Department

“I think the best part of this training was that it was hands-on. It allowed me to learn by applying the techniques you verbally taught us and to figure out what works best for us. Also, it allowed us to make errors and learn from those errors for the future. It was a great course.”
~ Ofcr. S Gonzales, Visalia P.D.

“Great course. Loved practical exercises.”
~ Det. J. McLain, Oregon State Police

“Great course. I like the real world application to what is being taught.”
~ Inv. J. Ceja, Yolo County S.O.

“Great class. One of the best classes in my 11 years of LE experience. Thank you for adding tools to my work belt!!!”
~ Ofcr. J. Jacobs, Aurora P.D.

“Excellent, realistic training. Will recommend this (RS-1 and RS-2) for any unit that does unmarked surveillance. Outstanding!”
~ Det. D. Malugani, Fort Worth P.D., TX

“This course was very beneficial and I enjoyed learning. It was helpful carrying the skills and knowledge over from RS I to RS II. It helped to get out on foot and learn different skills to use in the field.”
~ Dep. E. Gard, Jefferson County S.O.

“Great course, on point! Thank you.”
~ Sgt. J. Stothers, Orange County Sheriff Dept – Lake Forest, CA

“Excellent class. Great scenarios with real life training.”
~ Det. J. Roubidoux, Jefferson County S.O.

“Instructor (Tim Lewis) was great at explaining and creating great scenario training.”
~ Inv. M. Jackson, CAL PERS, CA

“Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. I appreciate the line in your booklet, ‘You are responsible for the decisions you make.’ It shows you trust the cops you are instructing. Other instructors take away guns, knives, etc. Thank you.”
~ Det. J. Velazquez, Denver P.D., CO

“Very good course. I learned a lot. I hope to take it back and implement it at our office. Thanks for all.”
~ Det. M. Cox, Idaho State Police

“Very well taught course. Explained how to better use perimeters, inside and outside of the area.”
~ Dep. L. Chacon, Orange County Sheriff’s Department, CA

“Great class – thank you! I learned a lot this week and now I know what I need to do to be better. Most of the agents in our department attended your class and enjoyed it.”
~ Sgt. M. Begay, Gallup P.D., NM

“I like the way you tightened us up. The way you spoke to some of us when we were screwed up Thursday. Excellent. Enjoyed the courses and learned a lot.”
~ Sgt. J. Fouste, Orange County Sheriff’s Department – Santa Ana, CA

“Best class/training I have ever attended! I genuinely mean that.”
~ Ofcr. J. Garcia, Jr., Longmont P.D., CO

“The class was well organized and objectives were stated. I liked that the instructor was very knowledgeable in the subject matter and forced us to get out of our comfort zone. Love the hands on application of the actual process. Awesome course.”
~ Sgt. P. Esquibel, Visalia P.D.

“Thank you. This was a very valuable course.”
~ Det. W. Schoepflin, Commerce City P.D., CO

“This was one of the most intense training courses I’ve attended. The practical exercises were awesome.”
~ Det D. Bones, Commerce City P.D., CO

“Good class and very beneficial. While frustrating at times due to losing the target, it made for better understanding and improvement of team and self.”
~ Sgt. R. Eich, Littleton P.D., CO

“Thanks for all you’ve done. You have helped many cops better themselves and their units. Your passion for good training was evident.”
~ Ofcr. S. Forsberg, North Las Vegas Metro P.D., NV

“Enjoyed the training. I had fun and gained a lot of experience.”
~ Agt. C. Morgan, Gallup P.D., NM

“These techniques you have taught have improved our team’s surveillance success by 100%. Thanks for everything.”
~ Det. G. Stone – Albuquerque P.D., NM

“Very good training, great concepts to apply.
The instructor had a great way of presenting in an interesting way. Could tell he was experienced at what he was instructing on.”
~ Det. Sgt. T. McGuire, Commerce City P.D., CO

“GREAT course. It provided a number of excellent tips I can use on the job.”
~ Inv. M Ciavatta, Colorado Attorney General’s Office

“Awesome class, as usual. I think you, Tim, are the the draw to this class due to your experiences.”
~  Trooper J. Loveless, Colorado State Patrol

“Great week. Definitely one of the best and most enjoyable trainings I have attended.”
~ Det. B. Wilson, Westminster P.D., CO

“Thank you so much. One of the best classes I’ve been to. I appreciate your dedication and energy.”
~ Ofcr. C. Hess, Broomfield P.D., CO

“I really enjoyed this class. I have been burned in the past with curb stops, slow speeds, and u-turns. And I know this class will help with tracking suspects in the future.”
~ Name not provided, Commerce City Police, CO

“Had a great time in class. It was challenging and fun. The skills gained were outstanding.”
~ Ofcr. M. Meara, Md. National Capital Park Police

“Once again, great training! One of the best I’ve ever had. It will be a great asset in the future.”
~ Det. T. Hickson, Maryland Transportation Police

“Thank you for your time and knowledge. I came to the class wanting to learn about surveillance. However, I walk away with so much more. This week has given me skills to take back to my current team and future teams.”
~ Ofcr. III J. Dyer, Montgomery County P.D., MD

“Very good class. It’s a must for plain clothes units to attend.”
~ Cpl. M. Barber – Takoma Park P.D., MD

“Very good training. Very eye opening. I was extremely naive about surveillance prior to this course. I am excited to deploy the techniques learned.”
~ Lt. D. Stem – Carroll County Sheriff, MD

“What an outstanding experience! Absolutely loved it, and appreciated the realism. This course showed me things and took me through situations that would have taken years to see in the field. Thanks!”
~ Ofcr. II T. Farris – Las Vegas Metro P.D.

“This class was everything I expected & more. It was probably the hardest, but by far the best training class I have taken in all my 17 years w/ the department. Looking forward to taking additional classes with LCI.”
~ Inv. B. Taft – Orange County Sheriffs Department (Special Operations Bureau)

“This is by far the best training I’ve gotten in 13 years of law enforcement. I hope I am able to make other LCI schools.”
~ Det. S. Schuler – Manteca P.D. (Delta RATT)

“EXCELLENT CLASS! My expectations were exceeded in every way. I paid for this class myself and feel I received a huge return on my investment.”
~ Ofcr. M. Dardanis – Las Vegas Metro P.D.

“I will be recommending this class to our unit commander for all new detectives (involved in surveillance) to take this class. It was extremely well done, and realistic. Thanks for all the effort you have put into this program, it really showed.”
~ No name/agency provided

“Has to be one of the best courses I have taken in 14 years. Thanks.”
~ Det. J. Jacobson – Albuquerque P.D.

“From day 1, I knew class would be good – fast paced – realistic and a great learning experience. I would highly recommend this course to everybody in law enforcement from the rookie to the veterans & everyone will learn from it! THANKS!”
~ Det. R. Garza – Bexar County Sheriffs Department (Auto Theft Unit)

“What an emotional roller coaster! This training will stick with w/ me forever.”
~ Det. J. Lord – Arizona D.P.S. (GIITEM)

“One of the best classes I have been to in my 15 years on the police department.”
~ Det. A. Watkins – North Las Vegas P.D.

“Very hands on/great critiques. No BS approach/very helpful ideas from the instructor’s experience. Great class/lots of good info.”
~ Sr. Inv. S. Appel – Los Angeles D.A. Office (Bureau of Investigations)

“Probably the best training I’ve had in 15 years on the CHP.”
~ Inv. A. Benatar – California Highway Patrol (Delta RATT)

“Great class for a unit or task force to take as a group. Not only does it build your experience w/ surveillance but helps w/ team trust and building.”
~ Sr. Inv. S. Beach – Los Angeles D.A. Office (Bureau of Investigations)

“The course had a lot of great information that our team can use. Some of the situations are difficult for small team like ours. All of it will help our team come together on the same page. Thanks!”
~ Cpl. J. Galbraith – Beaumont P.D. (ARCNET)

“Most fun I have ever had learning anything!”
~ No name/agency provided

“Overall was one of the best classes I’ve attended as an investigator. The interaction was good and was presented very well. I also enjoyed the out-of-classroom environment & was a lot of fun as I was being taught.”
~ Det. T. Maurice – San Antonio P.D. (REACT)

“Most lifelike/realistic training I have had. Thank you! Good stuff!!”
~ Inv. M. Ernstrom – California Highway Patrol – Coastal Division

“Fantastic course that exceeded my expectations. It made me conscious of techniques I’ve used in decades of investigation and taught me many new techniques. I will recommend it to all agents in my agency and to any other investigative agency.”
~ No name/agency provided

“I’ve learned a lot in this course. I appreciate all the hard work, dedication and time that the instructors devoted to this training.”
~ Det. D. Luckey – Howard County P.D.

“Great experience and hands on training made the course very realistic. By far, one of the best courses I’ve had. Instructors were great playing the roles.”
~ Cpl. S. Hardesty – Beaumont P.D.

“What a great class. This will be so useful for our pro-act auto theft unit.”
~ Ofcr. T. Bowman – Redmond P.D.

“I’m impressed with the interest and seriousness instructors have teaching this course. Thanks for your patience. I realize teaching a bunch of know it all police officers is tough.”
~ No name/agency provided

“Exceeded expectations. Motivating for team. Super team building exercise.”
~ Sgt. C. Stewart – California Highway Patrol (Delta RATT)

“When the class began I had no experience conducting surveillance. After this class I feel like I can go out and be a case agent, handle a CI, and run a surveillance effectively. Great class and I will recommend it to others.”
~ No name/agency provided

“I’ve learned more in 5 days than was expected. Best class I’ve had.”
~ Inv. R. Zuber – Orange County Sheriffs department (Warrant Bureau)

“I have been working in law enforcement for only three years. My experience with rolling surveillance has been very limited. This class gave me a new look and great techniques to use in the future. Working with other agencies and people who you are not familiar with teaches great teamwork. Learning how to be patient is crucial when doing surveillance.”
~ Ofcr. J. Jimenez – Palm Springs P.D.

“Instructors are awesome. Best class I’ve been to in many years.”
~ Det. R. Perea – Albuquerque P.D. (NW IMPACT)

“Outstanding instruction, debriefing, & the hands on approach. Best class I have attended.”
~ Det. M. Wiggs – San Antonio P.D. (Auto Theft Unit)

“Best course in my career yet. I would like to take all of them.”
~ Ofcr. II S. Keith – Las Vegas Metro P.D.

“Great job. Lots of fun. Kept me interested and thinking. This is the third LCI class I have attended (Myspace I & II) and have been impressed w/ instructors/materials/scenarios. I will recommend this class to my partners. Thank you.”
~ Ofcr. W. Dolan – Ventura P.D.

“Thanks for the experience, well worth the trip from Maryland.”
~ Det-Cpl. D. Abuelhawa – Howard County P.D.

“Probably the most realistic training I have attended. I can actually take this stuff and put it to work the next day.”
~ Sgt. S. McKiernan – California Highway Patrol – Coastal Division

“This is the best course and most realistic training I’ve ever attended.”
~ No name/agency provided

“This was a great class. I came in knowing very little regarding static or rolling surveillance. The hands on approach works best for me and I now feel that I can handle myself. Thanks for the great training.”
~ Det. E. Pearson – Phoenix P.D.

“Outstanding class, recommended to all law enforcement officers.”
~ Inv. G. Fernandez – Palm Springs P.D. (CVNTF)

“Very humbling. Had a great time and learned a lot. Will definitely use this in my career. I will be a stronger asset to my team.”
~ Ofcr. S. Bryan – North Las Vegas P.D.

~ Ofcr. C. Shibata – Phoenix P.D.

“As a relatively young officer (5 yrs) – I took a ton of great tactics & techniques that I will use in the field. Great class.”
~ Ofcr. J. Hammernick – Phoenix P.D.

“The class was taught with real lab application which added tactical learning.

Great class, I am glad the rest of my team will be attending in the near future.”
~ S.A. B. Maldonado – D.L.A.

“This was a great class. I learned a lot! I appreciate you guys making it challenging and working hard instead of going through the motions. Thank you!”
~ Ofcr. A. Grove – Kent P.D.

“This was the first structured surveillance class, so the building blocks were great.”
~ Det. J. Steele – Longmont P.D.

“I really hope to attend RSII. You both are a ton of knowledge which I hope to sponge off of you both. Many thanks for the hounding on the techniques.”
~ Det. M. Fortune – Phoenix P.D.

“Your area recon must have been awesome. You took us everywhere.”
~ No name/agency provided

“This was a good course and I am going to recommend my squad attend. Learned a lot.”
~ Sgt. A. Armendariz – Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (Homicide Unit)

“This class was excellent. I wish I had my own vehicle. I was riding passenger.”
~ Ofcr. R. Sass – L.A. County Police Department

“The class was outstanding. The instructors were outstanding.”
~ Det. J. Reyes – Arizona D.P.S. (GIITEM)

“Thank you (all of the instructors) for your feedback. I feel like I learned a lot, and my confidence level is higher than it was when I got here.”
~ Inv. S. Jackson – L.A. District Attorneys Office (Bureau of Investigation)

“I really enjoyed this course. I learned new approaches that will definitely help now and in future assignments.”
~ Inv. C. Barchetti – Aurora P.D. (MGTF)

“Thought the course was very effective!”
~ S.A. D. Mueller – Washington State Gambling Commission

“Awesome instruction led by experienced/qualified instructors.”
~ No name – Las Vegas Metro P.D.

“Truly enjoyed the class. Learned more than I thought I could about surveillance and reaction to counter. Teamwork!”
~ Det. J. Maijala – Washington State Patrol

“Class was very helpful and techniques learned will benefit our unit.”
~ Ofcr. R. Rossmeier – Kent P.D.

“Thank you for providing lunches. At first I did not look forward to the long day. But afterward, I understood why it was done that way, so that we could experience the day/night dynamics and all the emotions that we went through.”
~ Det. B. Tseng – Federal Way P.D.

“I asked for this course. I enjoyed it very much and recommending other detectives at my agency take this.”
~ Cpl. G. Walter – Beaumont P.D.

“A lot of hands on training. Instructors had a lot of expertise.”
~ Det. C. Hawyer – Burbank P.D.

“Field exercise, dynamic course, moves smoothly from each scenario.”
~ Dep. S. Brosche – Riverside Sheriff’s Office

“Thank you for your help in furthering my tools on the job!”
~ Det. C. Saunter – Lake Havasu P.D.

“Outstanding course. Hope to attend rolling surveillance II in near future. Thanks for the positive approach.”
~ Det. D. Doughty – Arizona D.P.S. (GIITEM)

“Great class.”
~ Dep. J. Vasquez – Riverside Sheriffs Department (ARCNET)

“One of the best courses on surveillance which I have attended.”
~ Det. D. Wheeler – Arizona D.P.S. (GIITEM)

“I really enjoyed the class and learned a lot. It was a great class for me especially since I will be starting my career in surveillance. I look forward to attending additional classes given by LCI.”
~ Ofcr. R. Lamberto – Phoenix P.D.

“Great course.”
~ Det. C. Morris – Phoenix P.D.

“The training was non-stop / to the second – you had no choice; but to learn. This class was great. I enjoyed the instructor’s honesty throughout the class / course.

Nice job / Loved it.”
~ Det. W. Hensman – Las Vegas Metro P.D. (VIPER Task Force)

“Best class I have taken since being employed as an officer.”
~ Det. W. Giblin – Las Vegas Metro P.D.

“No bullshit, best course ever taken. Learning from experience makes the knowledge that much more valuable. Fun, exciting & extremely applicable, even for patrolman!”
~ No name/agency provided

“This class was excellent, not only do we get knowledge, we get to experience the stuff we learn on the field and learn from our mistakes.”
~ Ofcr. R. Leung – Las Vegas Metro P.D.

“Great class. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone doing any kind of surveillance.”
~ Ofcr. D. Forbes – Carlin P.D.

“Thank you for the valuable training. Didn’t really know how inexperienced I was until taking the course. The instructors explain in detail strategies to keep covert surveillance. I would be interested I taking other courses from these instructors.”
~ Ofcr. II M. Graces – Las Vegas Metro P.D.

“One of the best classes I have taken. The instructor’s knowledge, and professionalism were second to none. I would recommend taking any class provided by LCI Services.”
~ Ofcr. II C. Gorrell – Las Vegas Metro P.D.

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