Happy Boss Day, Mr. Lewis!

L-R: Mr. Tim Lewis, Mr. Jay Stayner, and Ms. Giulianna

I’m Giulianna, one of the assistants as LCI Services.

Today, is Boss’s Day in the United States. It seems like as fitting of a time as any to thank Mr. Lewis for being an exceptional boss! Those of us who are blessed to work Mr. Lewis know that he is a boss with integrity.

He encourages each of us to be our best. He leads by example. And he has more energy than a room full of toddlers after eating cookies.

Sometimes he’s tough. Sometimes he has to correct us. Sometimes he asks us to go out of our comfort zones. I suppose for the others who are/were cops this is nothing new, but for me…let’s just say, it is shaping me.

I doubt anybody really knows how much work Mr. Lewis puts into this company. I would venture to guess that about 350 days a year he works to make LCI Services a success. He is often working from sun-up to late at night, with an occasional nap (you’re allowed to get away with that after you turn fifty).

Why does he work so hard when he’s already a successful boss?

Because he doesn’t believe mediocre is good enough. He genuinely loves what he does and wants to make sure every attendee is getting the best training. His passion is evident in the classroom/field when he’s instructing and role-playing. He believes in always giving 100%.

So what does he do those other 15 days?

He’s hiking or painting. I don’t think he knows how to sit still, except when his age periodically forces him to slow down for a day or two.

Mr. Lewis, we are grateful for your dedication and leadership.
May you have a very Happy Boss Day!

From all of us at LCI Services