Southern California Chop Shop and Auto Theft Investigations, Criminal Sophistication Training Course

2018 Off to a Great Start – Chop Shop – Auto Theft Investigations – So Cal

Chop Shop – Auto Theft Investigations Course

Thank you Fontana, California PD for hosting us to train Law Enforcement from around the country in:.

  • VIN Switching
  • Identifying Chop Shops
  • Surveillance Techiniques (to gain more training, please see Rolling Surveillance and Rolling Surveillance II)
  • Organized Criminal Groups
  • Working Together as a Team/Task Force in the Field
  • Many Other Techniques

Please join us for other great training. Our goal is to give you the tools you need to get the criminals off the streets. We go out in the field, because all the training means nothing if you don’t implement it in the real world.